Monday, February 20, 2006

The Grass Can Be Greener on Your Side of the Fence!!

Perk-Up -- Deep Dark Green Grass in Days This Article appeared the June 2001 issue of"Popular Science Magazine" Deep Green Grass in DaysThink of Perk-Up as Grecian Formula for your lawns. It won't make your grass grow, but the color will dazzle the neighbors. The greening agent, from Lebanon Corp. in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, has been used on golf courses for two years now. It went on sale to consumers within the past few years. It comes in a re-sealable 25 pound and bag treats about 5,000 square feet when applied with a spreader. Perk-Up exploits the fact that what makes lawns green isn't the potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen in standard fertilizer, but iron. "Iron is to plants what hemoglobin is to blood," says Lebanon's Randy Hegstad, referring to the substance that makes blood red. Perk Up uses a type of iron developed at the University of Florida five years ago that breaks down at a steady rate over a four-week period, which means one treatment should last a month. Deep Green Grass in DaysWe were skeptical so we sent a bag to Houston, Texas homeowner Hector Garcia, who spread the fine powder over his 3,200 square foot lawn in mid-February. "I'm extremely pleased," he reported in late March. When we asked for drawbacks, he couldn't name a single one. "My grass was in pretty sad shape. But after only about 10 days, it was lush, thick, and green." What really made Garcia take notice was the unusually deep green hue it gave his lawn. "There's no doubt in my mind I'll use it again," he says. Don't miss Yardiac's complete selection of lawn fertilizers!

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