Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Secret to Vibrant Flowering Shrubs

Green LawnA well-manicured, emerald green lawn can make a property sparkle like a gem, but adding some other colors to the yard gives it variety! Big vibrant flowering shrubs, such as azaleas, can add just the right touch of color to flower beds and walkways. Cultivating a vibrant shrub is not as tricky as one may think. To ensure growth and maintenance, a homeowner must realize that these plants require a different regimen of care than the lawn or other plants. For flowering shrubs to blossom fully, they need an application of fertilizer to create rich soil nutrients. While there are many fine fertilizers, Preen 'n Green is designed specifically for most flowering plants. In addition, to its granular 9-17-9 fertilizer formula contains an effective weed inhibitor. Caring for Flowering Shrubs Flowering ShrubsA flowering shrub needs the vital nutrients in a fertilizer to grow and blossom to its fullest. A weed inhibitor thwarts weeds from overtaking a shrub's space, not to mention stealing sunlight and moisture. Preen 'n Green saves time and money by doing both jobs at once. It comes in a convenient single canister. Just sprinkle the granular formula in the area surrounding the shrub. Gently water the area immediately after applying. With regular watering, the fertilizer will seep into the soil and reach the plant's roots, supplying them with nitrogen, phosphorous and potash. These nutrients help the plant reach its maximum potential by producing full blossoms, enhanced root development, and improved plant health. Making History of Weeds Preen N GreenPreen 'n Green stops weeds before they start to invade a plant's space. Using a weed inhibitor eliminates the back-breaking task of ripping weeds out of the ground. For optimum effectiveness, simply reapply Preen 'n Green every ninety days from the preceding application. Learn More about Controlling Weeds & Grass

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