Friday, October 26, 2007

How to Select an Artificial Christmas Tree

Decision Time -Its an investment. Yardiac recognizes that buying a tree is not a typical purchase. It is something that will become part of your holiday traditions for many years to come. This is why we believe that we have found the perfect tree for you and your family; So much so we have put a 10 year warranty on the all of the Pre-Lit Trees we sell. This tree will represent Christmas for at least 15 years in your home, and maintain it's beauty for just as long.. We dare you to find a better tree. We can say in complete confidence that we sell the best artificial tree and, at the same time, you will not break the bank. The Christmas Tree Guide for Artificial Christmas Trees will help you understand the differences in Christmas trees. When purchasing Artificial Christmas Trees, keep in mind that most Christmas Trees will last around 15 years so choose wisely. Things you should know before you buy! Molds and Needles Our trees are molded from actual live trees. Yardiac makes shopping easier because we have an easy 'Shop by Style' (Pine, Spruce, and Frazier Fir). These trees were hand-picked by our lead designer who has been working with artificial trees for over 10 years. The material of our needles is Poly Ethylene which is used in an injected molding system to form a group of tree- like branches and needles. These branch molds use real tree branches as forms thus the needles are molded into the correct shape. A wonderful time saving advantage is that they requires little or no shaping. There are countless colors and textures available to choose from with Poly Ethylene (PE). Our tree Expert has studied every tree on the market. This research has provided valuable information resulting in the highest quality synthetic trees sold any where. We dare to compare our quality, as you will find we sell the best artificial trees. All Yardiac trees are a mixture of PE & PVC. Studies show that this preserves the realism of the trees. Fully PE, or molded, trees tend to shine, when lit. It gives a very plastic look. For the discriminating tree seeker, PE/PVC mix is the best choice. Construction Generally there are two major ways manufacturers attach the branches of artificial Christmas trees. They will either be attached to the pole or the trunk. Pole mounted trees are very hard to set up, year after year, and will never have lights.The second method is trunk mounted which is the way all of our trees are constructed. The hinged branch process on artificial Christmas trees is the quickest and easiest to assemble. All the branches are permanently attached and pre-lit. Simply fold down in correct position. Is the Stand Important? In a word, YES!! Make sure that you know what the artificial Christmas trees stand is made of. Common materials are plastic, metal, or wood. Our pre-lit trees include a metal stand. If there will be children or pets around the tree you need to do a tip-over test to see if the tree stand will hold a fully lit and decorated tree upright in case of an accident. Remember that a fully lit and decorated tree will be about twice as heavy. Plastic tree stands are cheaper and have a tendency to bend or break, under stress. Metal tree stands are stronger and, by far, the best. What is the Right Size Tree? A common mistake is to go out with the intention of buying the tallest, widest artificial Christmas tree you can find, only to get home and find that it doesn't fit through the door. The most important thing to consider is where are you going to display your tree. Most home ceilings are 8 feet tall. A 7.5 foot Artificial Christmas Tree will allow you to use a tree topper. If you have vaulted or custom ceilings, you may want to consider a taller tree. Our taller trees can be as tall as 12 feet which can really fill a vaulted room spectacularly. You also need to consider the amount of floor space available in the spot where you want the tree to sit. Measure between the pieces of furniture and from the wall out into the room to determine how wide a tree you can purchase. Each tree will show a diameter chart. Use it to help you determine which tree will best fit in the room of your choice. Yardiac Christmas trees come in regular or slim widths. Full diameter (Regular) are more traditional, but if you are working with a confined area, slim trees are perfect. A tip to save money: You can use a strong wooden box under your artificial Christmas tree and it will increase the height of your tree. You will be able to disguise the booster, once you drape your tree skirt, and place your gifts. This is also helpful, because there is more room for gift boxes, and decorations, under the tree. Once you have picked out your tree, don't forget about garland, wreathes, plaques, and other fun holiday decorations. One thing to make life a lot easier is a light timer. You can get one for outdoor, or indoor lights. You can set it, so that your lights will come on, and go off, at a certain time. It is the best gadget you can find, for holiday coordination. If you are looking for a commercial, or an outdoor tree, Yardiac is fully stocked. Most artificial trees cannot be used outdoors. If you are looking to 'spruce' up your courtyard, look no further. You will want a commercial tree. Don't forget about your entryway. Nothing welcomes the Holiday season, like a Christmas Urn. We would love to hear about YOUR Holiday traditions, and decorating tips. Don't be shy! Share them with everyone.

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Daver said...

I am personally a fan of Pre-lit Christmas Tree because they look more like real trees, they don't leave a mess all over the floor, I'm not allergic to artificial trees and it doesn't leave that smell after I get tired of the smell. Just my thoughts.