Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Select a Birdfeeder

You've decided to buy a bird feeder; or maybe you're looking for a new squirrel resistant design. It can be a challenge to decide which feeder is right for you. The best place to start is by, first, looking at where you plan to feed the birds. While there are many factors that influence your ability to attract birds, the most important have do with: Where you live (city, suburbs, country, or coastal) The attractiveness of your neighborhood or yard to the birds (trees, shrubs and flowers), The availability of food and water. You'll find that city dwellers will be far more limited, in the numbers, and kinds of birds they can attract than country, or suburban, living. Just as important are the numbers, and kinds of vegetation in your area. Birds are attracted to environments that provide natural protection, places fornesting, and food and water. You can improve your chances for success by enhancing your feeding site with plantings, in addition to offering the birds a reliable source of water and food. Having surveyed your home, the next step is to select the style of your feeder. Review's Bird Feeder Collection. We have the best selection, around!

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