Friday, January 05, 2007

Lawn Spreader Fertilization Tips

Avoid Those Unsightly "Fertilizer Lines" Tens of thousands of Americans are guilty of producing undesirable fertilizer lines each year. This occurs when the entire surface area is not evenly treated. Fertilizer application is only effective if you ensure uniform coverage. There are two basic types of spreaders: broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. In general, we recommend the use a broadcast spreader to apply fertilizer or seed over a large area. Broadcast spreaders shoot the desired material out and away from the machine in a wide arc covering a larger area. However they are limited -- Broadcast spreaders will not work with dense, heavy material such as compost or mulch.


  1. Read the label completely before using.
  2. Remove debris, toys, etc from the lawn.
  3. Use a good broadcast spreader with an accurate flow setting.
  4. Wash and lubricate spreader after use.
  5. Fill the spreader on the drive or walk and not on the lawn.
  6. Sweep up spilt fertilizer. (Could Stain)
  7. Shut off the spreader when stopping or turning.
  8. Apply half of the required fertilizer in one direction on the lawn (i.e. north/south).

Apply the remaining fertilizer across the lawn (i.e. east/west). This will help to provide even coverage and prevent streaking from missed spots and overlap.

  • Store any remaining fertilizer in a cool dry place.
  • Wash hands after using fertilizer.


If your spreader's setting is not listed on the bag, you can determine which setting to use by conducting this simple test:

  1. Read all directions and precautions on the bag.
  2. Weigh out enough of the fertilizer to cover 100m2 and put it in the spreader. (Bathroom scales will help you do this.)
  3. Set your spreader on a low setting. (Usually one quarter of the way open is a good starting point.)
  4. Spread the material you put in the spreader over 100m2 (10m x 10m) [1076 sq. ft. (33 ft x 33 ft)].
  5. Ideally the product will run out when you get to the end of the 100m2 area. If you have a little left over. Increase the setting slightly. If you don't have enough to cover the full 100m2, reduce the setting slightly.
  6. Write the setting and product name on a piece of tape and apply to the spreader for future reference. Browse our Lawn Spreader Department

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