Thursday, February 15, 2007

Outdoor Living

Americans have always “lived” outdoors, but the concept of Outdoor Living is a relatively new and rapidly growing lifestyle phenomenon. What is Outdoor Living? It no longer means just a few folding chairs, a picnic table, and a hibachi. It means bringing all the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors. The mainstays of an outdoor room are: 1) an appliance to cook 2) a dining table and chairs to sit and eat 3) a hearth product to extend the season Today’s consumers have an incredible selection of products to make Outdoor Living one of the most pleasurable aspects of owning a home. According to a survey of home builders, a patio or deck is one of the top three features most requested of new home buyers. Homeowners are building stone patios with outdoor kitchens complete with large, permanently-installed grills, refrigerators and work areas. They’re installing luxurious outdoor fireplaces or firepits to extend the season, adding beautiful outdoor lighting to extend the evening. They’re even installing televisions, stereos and artwork specially made to be weather-proof. Today, there is almost nothing that you can do inside your home that you can’t do outside. Americans spent nearly $150 billion on home remodeling in 2005 and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, one-third of those dollars went towards outdoor living areas.

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