Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Understanding Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent emergence of weeds. These products must be applied prior to germination which could occur.  Yardiac.com recommends applying Pre-emergent herbicidejust as the Forsythia begins to bloom.  The earlier you apply in the active germination period the better.  Proper application will make the herbicide effective all season. It is essential to apply these products early in spring prior to germination. Often, pre-emergence herbicides are combined with fertilizers. Since fertilization should be minimized in the spring, purchase products with most of the nitrogen in slow release forms. Example:Greenview Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer with Crabgrass Preventer. One application, of This pre-emergent product, in the spring prevents crabgrass and kills dandelions, clover, viney weeds, and other broadleaf weeds, as it fertilizes. Do not use these products on new seedlings or before seeding an area. It will not allow grass seeds to germinate. To be most effective, these products need to be watered- in after application. Refer to the label for specific instructions of each product. Examples of Pre-emergents:Corn Gluten Weed Prevention Plus(Safe For Vegetables, Flowers and Lawn) Ornamec bermuda greass killer Need help identifying weeds - check out our Weed Identification Page

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