Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pamper Your Trees

Here's a neat idea! Turn your trees, into potted plants. It is a great way to spruce up a lawn of any size or shape. The TreePot is available in different sizes to fit various sized tree trunks which allows room for tree growth. A shelf inside will hold up to ten inches of potting soil. You are not limited to tree trunks. You can use the Treepot with mailbox posts, lamp posts, power line posts, etc. The TreePot design keeps the soil from coming in contact with the tree and protects your tree from weed-eaters. You can keep your flowers in an elevated planter, isolated in rich nutritious soil. This is much better than planting directly under the tree. As any experienced Gardener knows, the tree will steal all of the moisture, and nutrients. Another great thing about the Treepot is that it is made of Cedar, which contains natural oils that will resist rotting, and cracking, in the harshest of weather conditions. In addition, they are fully paintable! Your imagination is the limit! Using a TreePot is easy as Pie! All you have to do is level off the ground, connect the base, and inside shelf sections, using a screwdriver, and you're off! You will need to find a fertilizing potted plant soil mix, pick out your favorite flowers, and you're off!

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