Monday, October 15, 2007


Some of the most confusing issues, among Gardeners, is disease. -Especially new gardeners. There are so many different kinds of disease, and the names can be confusing. I will name a few, describe them, and give a couple of suggestions about treatment. Black Spot is characterized by small black dots, with a border on both sides of the leaves. Fungi will cause leaves to yellow and die. You will need to remove all infected leaves. Neem Oil, mostly used in a concentrate, is best. Other treatments are mancozeb, and captan. Brown Patch develops in hot, humid weather as irregular rings or circular brown spots. Leaves and roots are rotting inside the ring. Treatments include Mancozeb, Bayer Fungus Control for Lawns, etc. Early and Late Blight can both be treated with Neem Oil. Early Blight is known for brown to black spots on leaves, concentric rings. Late Blight's symptoms are a little different. Leaves will have blotches of dark green to black-purple and soon turn brown and die. A white mold appears on the leaf's undersides in cool, damp weather. Tomatoes are dark green, brown, or black and appear wrinkled or greasy. Potato tubers have brown spots and dry, reddish-brown stains; a reddish-brown stain appears in the flesh. Mancozeb will treat both of these. Powdery Mildew symptoms include superficial white coatings that are powdery to mealy appear on leaves, buds, shoots, flowers and fruit. Powdery mildew fungi infect during warm, dry days and cool, damp nights wherever air circulation is poor. Remedy is best, for expulsion of Powdry Mildew. Rust is known to be yellow, orange, or brown powdery masses that develop on leaves and stems and sometimes on the flowers and fruit. Leaves wither and fall early. The fungi are active in damp weather. You can treat it with Neem Oil. Most all of the fungi mentioned above can be prevented by taking a few cautious steps, when planting. Keep foliage dry. In other words, locate your garden where it will receive morning sun. Allow extra room between the plants, and avoid overhead watering, especially late in the day. Purchase certified disease-free seeds and plants. Remove any diseased leaves, or shoots. Do not prune with infected tools. Please share your ideas, with everyone. Every Gardener has a story, or suggestion, I am sure!!

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