Thursday, October 11, 2007

Protect Your Foilage This Fall

Well, it is that time of year, again. The Fall is here. Winter is on its way, and food will soon be getting scarce, in the forest. That means that the deer, rabbits, and other creatures will be emerging, in search of food. The trees and shrubs that you have worked so hard to grow will be tempting the tastebuds of the woodland creatures. It is hard to protect your foliage, when animals are hungry.
The best way to protect your yard is to use more than one method, at the same time. You may opt for a scent and taste repellent, together.
For example, Tree Guard is a very effective taste repellent. It contains Bitrex. If you are unfamiliar with Bitrex, you may be interested to know that it was developed in the 1950s, and is commonly found in an array of household cleaners, and other items, to discourage children, or pets, from ingesting poisonous contents. It is not dangerous at all, in itself. It is just extremely bitter, and it is hard to get rid of. For use in the garden, you will find that you are training target animals to find another grazing area. Tree Guard is not the least expensive taste repeller, but it is likely the most effective. In addition, you will not find yourself reapplying every other week. It will continue to be effective for the entire season. There is onw drawback; You cannot use it on vegetables, or fruit. It will effect the taste.
If you use a scent repeller in conjunction, you may want to try a urine product. It is a non-toxic method, that tells the target animal that a very dangerous predator is in the area. This is effective because animals are born with an instinctive fear of their predators. It is a technique that has been used for hundreds of years. Urine products are easy to use. Just place 30-day dispensers or scent darts every ten to twelve feet around a perimeter. (All urines are collected naturally from domesticallyraised animals on farms that are controlled by appropriate state and federal agencies.)
Now you are all set, to greet the Fall. Put up your corn patch family. Harvest the pumpkins. Get ready for the festivities to come, and put your foliage in the back of your mind!
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