Wednesday, December 05, 2007

For the Birds

We all enjoy birds in our yard and then watching for their activities bring life to our garden. You can plant trees and shrubs to provide food, shelter, and nesting sites, for a wide variety of birds. The following is a list of some of the favorites of our fine-feathered friends.
Trees Perennials
Ash Hemlock Aster
Birch Maple Coresopsis
Cherry Oak Globe Thistle
Crabapple Pine Purple Coneflower
Dogwood Spruce Rudbeckia
Hawthorne Sweet Gum Ornamental Grasses
Bayberry Honey suckle
Blackberry Juniper
Blueberry Mugho Pine
Burning Bush Viburnum
Holly Yew
Don't forget to feed your birds in the winter. Often, we neglect our feeders when it is cold out, but this is when food is more scarce!

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