Friday, December 07, 2007

Planting & Caring for Evergreens

A single specimen evergreen tree provides a stately focal point in your landscape. A screen of them provides a permanent year-round windbreak and can obscure an unwanted view. When deciduous trees are barren during the winter months, evergreen trees provide color.
When choosing the location for any tree, remember that it is just that - a tree. White Pines, Spruce, and Hemlock are charming as your plants, but space that will be necessary in the future should be taken into consideration.
It is important to remember that evergreens do not like 'wet feet'. Plant evergreens in an area with ample drainage.
Evergreens can be safely planted anytime from March through November in most areas. Spring and Fall are the most ideal planting times. Check your local nursery, to be sure about what time is best for your area.
Water your evergreen tree 2-3 times a week during its first year. Water whenever the soil feels dry. During the next few years, supplemental watering will also be needed, although not as often. Do not forget to water during dry spells. Water thoroughly when you do water, allowing the moisture to penetrate to a 2-3" depth. A light watering encourages the tree roots to grow near the soil surface only. The tree will not survive a hot dry summer with only surface roots.
Apply a general purpose (10-10-10) or tree fertilizer each Spring or Fall. Always follow the product label and never apply more fertilizer than is recommended.

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