Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crape Myrtle Pruning

Crape Myrtles bloom all summer long (around 120 days), which makes them perfect for landscaping. They are best suited for zones 6-11, and perform in a stellar way in hot, sunny climates. In the fall, Crape Myrtles boast bold color, and rustic peeling bark. Additionally, their natural form, is aesthetically pleasing. Who could ask for more?!

The question is how to care for the Crape Myrtle, to promote these very desirable features.

Light pruning is all that is necessary. Research indicates that flowering occurs with new growth. As for the timing, pruning in late Winter, or early Spring will give you the best results. This will stimulate regrowth, and in turn, blooming. If you will give the flowers a light pruning, once the they begin to fade, in Summer, you will have another explosion of blooms.

You will notice that some gardeners squarely cut the off the top, believing it encourages flowering the following Season. The only reason that your Crape Myrtle may require heavy pruning is if you require it to conform to a particular size or shape. Heavy pruning will not harm the Crape Myrtle, in any case.

If you are in the market for a Crape Myrtle, consider your landscaping, before you make an investment. There are many cultivars available. Choose one that suits your landscaping needs best. For example, you may choose a dwarf, a semi-dwarf, or a color variation. This will give you the benefit of light maintenance, and will allow the Crape Myrtle to showcase itself.

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