Friday, February 15, 2008

Learn about Grilling Safely on a Deck

Fireplace grills are made for outdoor use, but what about on a deck. Better yet, what if the deck has a covered roof, but has open walls. These applications can be done as long as you have taken the correct precautions:
1.The deck should be rated for 400 lbs per square foot. 2. Position your grill on a stable and fireproof surface. If using a wooden deck, use some type of protective "flashing" to shield the wood deck from possible sparks or hot embers that could fall from the fire. You could use a grill pad or install some sort of tile.(an indoor fireplace should also be shielded from the floor by some type of hearth, ceramic tile, etc.). 3. Chimney extensions can be ordered to make the fireplace taller, if necessary, to extend through the roof opening. 4.Proper insulation or separation (air space) should be employed between the chimney and the roof opening. Any licensed subcontractor who works on constructing the roof should be qualified to make this determination. The same considerations are made by carpenters building new homes (with indoor fireplaces) literally every day. The chimney does not get hot enough to be a problem unless the fireplace is overheated significantly with a fire that is much too big! With this application you should also consider the following safety tips: 1. Always have a fire extinguisher on hand. 2. Never leave a burning product unattended, especially around children and pets, and make sure the fire is completely extinguished before leaving. 3. Check your local ordinances regarding outdoor wood burning. 4. When lighting or tending to the fire, make sure hair and clothing are away from the flame. 5. Burn only dry, seasoned wood (not treated wood) and make sure the smoke is not a nuisance to your neighbor 6.Keep all portable hearth products away from combustible material, e.g. outdoor furniture, pool towels, side of house, shrubs, etc. 7. Never use lighter fluid or gasoline to ignite your wood-burning product; use fire starters such as fibercones or lighting nuggets. 8. Be sure to make smores!

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