Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Word on Grasscycling

What on Earth is Grasscycling, you ask?  Simply put, it just means letting the grass clippings fall to the ground.  There are several advantages to this practice.  First of all, it helps to preserve soil moisture while returning valuable nutrients.   According to some studies, grasscycling can provide 15 to 20 percent of a lawn's annual fertilizer requirement.  -And it's free!  What more can you ask for? 

If you are worried about thatch, consider this.  Thatch only becomes a problem when it is too thick.  You can prevent this by healthy watering techniques.  Water once a week or so, and long enough for the water to reach one inch below the surface.  Roots will follow the water.  Deeper roots will give you a healthier lawn, and will not encourage the roots to grow in the thatch, causing the thatch problem.  In addition to better watering techniques, mow often.  Long grass clippings will be more likely to smother the lawn. 

98 percent of people who tried grasscycling said they will never bag again.  Give it a try, and tell us your story! 

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