Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looks Like Wood. Feels Like Wood. Better Than Wood.

If it's not wood, then what is it?

This distainctive line of patio furniture is made from a polyvinyl resin material. It will never rot, crack, warp, curl or craze. It's also UV ray proof, insect proof and 100% water and salt waterproof. It looks like wood, feels like wood, but it's better than wood.

Can this material be painted?

Yes, this entire collection can be painted with any kind of paint.  However, we recommend Krylon Fusion™ for best results. Any premium exterior latex paint or spray paint such as Krylon™ is also acceptable.

I've heard some synthetics will break down eventually from exposure to the sun. Is this the case with the Ultimate Collection?

No, but many products made from recycled material will eventually break down with exposure from the sun because of the harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. This line is impervious to UV rays and will not break da2own; It comes with a lifetime warranty on material parts.

Are there toxins in the materials used to make this furniture, such as those used in pressure treated wood?

No, no toxins are used in the production of this collection . They are safe for everyone; The polyvinyl resin is a benign substance. That's one of the reasons we offer the Kiddie Adirondack for small children.  -No toxins and no splinters.

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