Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jiggering, the Lost Art of Clay Ware Making

Have you ever wondered hBurley Clay Plantersow clay wares are made?  Many Burley Clay products are made by jiggering.  This process is used to create several of the larger items, such as birdbaths, pedestals and planters.

Jiggering can be described as a 'lost art'.  In this process, the jiggerman places a plaster mold inside a spinning steel drum. Then clay is added inside the mold.  As the clay begins to dry, the plaster mold draws the water away from the clay, releasing the clay from the mold.  The ware is then removed from the mold and the rough edges are trimmed.  This acquired skill requires years of apprenticeship and isBurley Clay BirdBath usually passed down to family members who have worked in area potteries for generations. Artisans hand-decorate all of Burley Clay products, creating pottery that is in great demand throughout the United States and Canada.

Burley Clay Products is proud to offer beautiful, American-made products.

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