Monday, August 18, 2008

The Perfect Beach Umbrella

FiberBuild Umbrellas began producing strong, wind tolerant fiberglass umbrellas, at the start of the new millennium.  You wiFiberBuilt Umbrellasll commonly find FiberBuilt umbrellas in use at hotels, apartment complexes, condominiums, country clubs and restaurants as well as many other locations requiring contract quality products. The nice thing is now, you can have one in your home as well. 

The most notable quality about the umbrellas is the resistance to wind and weather.  Many homeowners who live next to the beach, or in any windy area have problems with wind, and for those in the salty air, rust.  If you fall into that category, take a  moment to consider a fiberglass umbrella.   We have Beach, Garden and Market umbrellas.  There is a style to fit every need.  The best part is that they hold up to the harshest weather conditions: intense sunlight, high winds, salt air and driving rain - and will not decay or lose their shape.  FiberBuilt Umbrellas2

FiberBuilt Umbrellas feature a unique fiberglass support rib construction that ensures strength, resilience and durability.  The flexible fiberglass ribs absorb wind gusts without breaking and last four to five times longer than traditional steel or wood ribbed umbrellas.

For its inherent strength and longevity, the standard canopies of the Market and Beach Umbrellas are made of marine grade fabric.

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