Friday, September 19, 2008

The Green Grilling Story

The first truly “green” grills have hit the market. Fire Stone Cook Number Grills are here and are making big news.  Combining the latest electronics with convection technology and patented single-burner efficiency, Fire Stone’s new grills make 30,000 BTUs cook as efficient Legacy Electric Cook Numberas a train engine.

“With today’s energy concerns, telling people they need grills with multiple burners and higher gas consumption is ridiculous.” says Fire Stone owner and President Dan Shimek. “It’s time consumers demanded high performance and high gas ‘mileage’. That’s what Cook Number grills can give them right now.”

There are an estimated 60 million gas grills in the US.* If they were all performing at the efficiency of Fire Stone Cook Number Grills, the US would save 30 million barrels of crude oil per year– that’s over $3 Billion dollars in crude oil. On top of that, consumers only need to fill their LP tanks half as often. This would save about $6 billion in gas purchases (at $20 per LP tank). What’s more, Fire Stone makes an energy-efficient, electric Cook Number grill that runs on ordinary househould current.  If consumers switched to electric grills, the annual savings would be about four times as great.  Add to that the fact that multiple burners means multiple components can go bad and it’s obvious that a change in consumer perception is needed. Fire Stone Cook Number Grills have what it takes to make green grilling really take off. is proud to be in partnership with Fire Stone to bring you today's best grills!

* Hearth Patio and Barbecue Association figures.

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