Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heartwood Houses from the Heartland

Here is the story of one small businesses' rise to success.  It is with great pride that we offer this homegrown line of bird houses. 

Heartwood Sanctuary Bird HouseThe roots of Heartwood extend back to 1992 when Lynda and Jerry Glass began a small Saturday craft show business attending local "festival days" across Mississippi. Their unique products were overwhelmingly well received.  A local merchant picked the line up from Heartwood and suggested its products could be marketed nationally.  In 1998 Heartwood took its products to "market" in Atlanta and merchants nationwide purchased, making Heartwood-Architecture for the Birds a reality.

Heartwood houses  are unique in many ways.  Countless design features and innovations are developed in-house and are not available anywhere else in the world.  Quality derived from functional design, top notch materials, and experienced craftsmanship set Heartwood apart. The majority of the products are made from cypress, the most naturally rot-resistant wood that grows in our country. The heavy, deep swamp cypress is a by-product of material bound for furniture factories worldwide. The waste created by the furniture factories is recycled into every HeartwoodHeartwood St.Augustine House production.  No trees have to be cut to provide Heartwood a bountiful supply of quality raw materials!  Only quality zinc-coated fasteners, brass screws, exterior adhesives, and unique methods to combat the weather elements that want to damage your house and shorten its life are used.  All paints are industrial grade, non-toxic, acrylic latex.  100% cypress shingles adorn the rooftops.  This is a distinctive, crowning touch to Heartwood houses.  No house has an identical shingle. 

Best of all, Heartwood creations are all 100% made in America.  You can proudly tell your friends and neighbors that you are supporting your county and fellow Americans when you display a Heartwood production.

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