Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How Do You Force a Bulb to Bloom?

Some bulbs can be forced into an early bloom in containers.  Try the slothful gardener's approach.  Pot three to six bulbs in a six inch clay pot using a good porous potting mix.  Dig a ditch in the garden.  Set the pots in the ditch, and cover them with soil to the rim.  Backfill around the pots, bulb plantingusing pine bark mulch, rotted sawdust or sand.  Keep the soil moist always.  Leave outdoors and exposed to the cold weather for at least twelve weeks.  You will bulb planting2see roots coming through the drainage hole.  The bulb will begin to sprout foliage.  It won't hurt to pull the pot out of the trench periodically to check the growth of the roots.  When the pots are ready, bring them indoors to a cool, sunny room, 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit, to continue growing and produce a bloom.  A south facing sunroom is perfect.  You can also use an enclosed porch or a sunny window in the garage.  Bring the pots into the house when the flowers begin to open and enjoy the fragrance and beautiful blossoms.  This is a good time to repot, in a clean accent planter.

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