Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pear Trees

A common question surrounding pear trees is if they are self pollinators, or not.  The answer is a little complicated.  It depends on the pear treevariety.  If you can only use one tree in your space, you will want to be sure before you buy it, that it is a self pollinator.  Orient, Baldwin, Kieffer and Spalding are all fairly good self pollinators.  Carrick, Moonglow, and Warren require cross pollination.  If you plant varieties that require cross pollination be sure to plant varieties that bloom at the same time.  Waite and Magness produce sterile pollen, so Orient is a perfect ally.  Check with pear tree2your county extension office regarding specific growing information, for your locale.  Also, don't forget to research each variety before you plant.  For example, the Kieffer pear tree bears fruit, which turns bright colors in fall temperatures, that is best for cooking and canning.  There are also four varieties of flowering, non-fruiting pears. The Bradford flowering pear tree, Cleveland flowering pear tree, Aristocrat flowering pear tree, and Autumn Blaze flowering pears.

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