Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Get A Goat - Never Mow Your Lawn Again!

Never cut the grass again! Buy a goat Cuts and fertilizes at the same time. Yes, a goat. Not as neat as a lawn mower, granted, but good enough. In one end, out the other. Cuts the grass and feeds the law at the same time. So get your own goat today. They do an excellent job of keeping the grass down, although they can be a bit indiscriminate at times. They are not very good at a light trimming of course, big mouthfuls of grass from the center of the lawn is more their thing, not good at neat edges where the grass and the fence line meet, but in general they do a good job. Some customers hang on to their back legs and hold them up to direct their head. Here are just a few of the advantages 1) Save you time and money 2) A good investment no gas required 3) No servicing and no costly repair bills. 4) Highly reliable too, and certainly nothing the local vet can't fix. 5) Affectionate & lovable animals 6) Environmentally friendly to boot. 7) Free goat droppings for the compost pile Click Here for Pricing & Shipping Information

1 comment:

Eric said...

Ha - Love it. Can I get a cow too so I never have to buy fertilizer again?