Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lighweight & Durable Fiberglass Pottery

Chipendale Planters All true Yardiac's have a passion for natural beauty! Sometimes, however, innovation and replication can be just as beautiful. If you've ever attempted to move a concrete urn, a teak planter, or a large terra cotta pot you will appreciate this blog. Yardiac is proud to introduce our "exclusive assortment" of lightweight and durable pottery crafted by Capital Garden Products. Capital Garden PlantersFor over twenty years Capital Garden's skilled designers and craftsmen have produced decorative fibreglass plant containers that even the keenest eye cannot distinguish from the original materials. Capital Garden's romantic replicas of classic Mediterranean, Greek and European designs come in a variety of styles ranging from troughs, planters, urns, window boxes, pedestals, water tanks and wall fountains. Chipendale PlantersAvailable in a several authentic finishes, maintenance free, tough, lightweight, completely frost-proof and non-corrosive fibreglass garden products are a serious long term alternative to terracotta and lead. Available in weathered bronze, terracotta, lead, aluminum, stone and rust finishes, Capital Garden’s decorative fibreglass plant containers are designed to last for up to 30 years. Browse Capital Garden sProducts at

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