Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Plant Cage is Great For Tomatoes

Yardiac Exclusive Plant Cage This plant cage is the first one that we have found that is designed to grow as your plant grow. This revolutionary multi-use tomato cage expands conforms to the growth of the tomato plant while disappearing from view. It requires no tying and can be securely fastened to a stake so that it won't blow over in a storm. It collapses flat and requires virtually no storage room. It is the smartest way to contain almost any plant that needs restraint or support. It is Made of Strong Black UV resitant Material that will last for years. We found the unit to be easy to assemble and would conforms to various heights and shapes. It's rings interlock to form a trellis system and is working great for our tomatoes. Some other uses are:Expand as your plants grow Hydrangea Grape Vines Clematis Climbing Roses Most Berries Squash -Peas Cucumbers Jasmine Peony Bushes Flowering Vines

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