Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Rid of Slugs

Garden SLUG Trap Slugs are mollusks, basically snails without shells, and while there are dozens of slug species, most are an inch or two in length and colored brown or gray. Slugs are extremely destructive garden pests that spend their nights eating holes in the leaves of plants and fruits and vegetables. Essentially killing a slug is a step toward saving a plant. Beer traps are one of the oldest tricks in the slug control book. Slugs are attracted to the yeast in beer, these primitve home made traps are somewhat effective. Recently an English company has developed a product called Slugx SLUGX is a chemical free and environmentally friendly way to solve all your slug problems. Fill SLUGX with beer and you may find 40-50 slugs and snails trapped in a single night. Slugs will be able to slide into the trap, but not up and out. In the morning you can empty the traps of both beer and dead slugs, and refill them the next evening. The good news is if your spouse locks you out of the house (for acting a slug) at least you will have some good beer handy.

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