Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hummingbirds - Slow Adaptors to Change

We get calls from customers all the time stating their new Hummingbird Feeder will not attract Hummingbirds. Well this is the case sometimes and here is the solution: First, it is important to know, Hummingbirds get energy primarily from flower nectar and the sugar water they find at feeders. For protein and they also eat soft-bodied insects and spiders. Think of them as miniature flycatchers, and sugar is just the fuel for getting their real nourishment. Hummingbirds will come to any feeder that holds fresh syrup, so you might as well buy that you find attractive or one that's easy for you to maintain. There are many imaginatively-styled hummingbird feeders available today, if your birds seem to prefer one style feeder over another, it's probably a simple matter of familiarity. If you change feeders, they may not feed immediately from the new one, but they will adapt. Try this trick - it will help to hang the old feeder, empty, next to the new one. The Hummers will be attracted to the area and pleasantly surprised at what they find inside your new attractive Hummingbird Feeder. Bottom line - it may appear like your new feeder is unattractive to your hummers - however they just need a little to time to adapt to the change.

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