Saturday, August 29, 2009

Protect Plant from Frost and Plant Stress

Plant Frost Protection Professional growers know the most severe problem a plant ever faces is stress. Plant stress is usually caused by a shortage of water, "transplant shock" and extreme weather (hot or cold) that causes the plant to lose water faster than the roots can absorb water. Under these conditions plants suffer reduced photosynthesis which can cause physiological changes that result in a loss of health and hardiness. Plants weakened by stress will also be more subject to attack by insect and disease, as well as a lack of growth. The first sign of a plant undergoing stress is wilt and loss of color. This will be followed by severe drying and eventually the plant will not survive. Plant Frost ProtectionThere are several preventative methods against frost and Plant Stress. One easy method is to cover your plants prior to a frost. Yardiac offers a product developed by an avid gardener in search of a solution to this annual problem. The product is called Frost Proteck and is made from a material used by professional growers for years. The Frost Protek Plant Covers will protect your flower, fruit, and vegetable plants from being damaged or prematurely killed by bad weather or pests. The cover can extend your growing season so you may enjoy your decorative plantings as long as possible and obtain the largest yield possible from your vegetables and fruits. Order these by September so that you will be prepared for an early frost and have them on hand in March, April and May depending on what part of the country you live in.

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