Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Truly Advanced Light & Moisture Meter

Finally a company has taken technology utilized in so many other industries and applied it to our passion of gardening. For years we have been using antiquated soil and light meters. The EasyBloom Plant Sensor measures sunlight, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and drainage. The EasyBloom Plant Sensor was created for anyone who has experienced the frustration of not knowing what plant will thrive in a specific location or anyone who has been unable to figure out what is wrong with a plant that isn't fairing well. The patented technology recommends the right plant, flower, vegetable, tree, shrub or vine, for inside or outside. Easy Bloom Gardening Meter Provides 1) Determine which plants will thrive in your yard or home 2) Diagnose an ailing plant so you can bring it back to health 3) Access detailed plant information on over 5000+ plants 4) Create a custom plant library of your favorite plants 5) Plugs into and USB Port - incudes USB extension cable 6) A perfect gift for novices to experienced gardeners 7) After planting, probe helps monitor light, water, and more

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