Sunday, September 27, 2009

Creating Baseball Field Lawn Stripes

Lawn Striper Ever wondered how baseball fields, golf courses, and professional groomed lawns get that "striping" effect. They use industrial mowers with rollers attached to the back. This creates a striping effect by bending the grass over. Now your lawn can look like this too, with the Lawn Stryper, which attaches easily to most walk behind lawn mower. Prior to creating an eye-popping lawn of art, it is important to have a healthy lawn. Please find below a few general lawn care tips and patterns that will help ensure that your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. Keep Lawn Mower Blade Sharp Use the “1/3 Rule” - Do not cut Grass too short Keep Lawn Well Watered There are various common designs and lawn patterns that are easy to try. A few examples include straight line patterns, wave patterns, circle patterns, and checkerboard patterns. Other more complex patterns such as star patterns, logo patterns and double-up patterns are also possible. Included with every LAWN STRYPER systempurchase is a full color Lawn Patterning User’s Guide. This guide offers up some general lawn care advice, great tips on patterning and a ‘how to’ guide on several common patterns.

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