Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Electrocute Your Weeds!

We tested this innovative weed killer recently and are pleased to report positive results. It's called the Nature Zap Electric Weed Killer and it uses thermogenic (heat) energy to stop normal plant functions and kill the weed at the root. The Nature Zap applies the right amount of heat (400 Degrees Fareinheight ) into the weed's root, root crown, and leaves, setting off a chain of events that kills the weed. The "thermo-eradicating" process stimulates the fungus in the ground around the weed. The heat cuts off the water supply to the bottom of the root and ruptures the cells. The naturally occurring fungus in the soil then eats the root, which in turn eliminates the weed, not just the weed's leaves. Our tests delivered positive results, showing instant kill and no re-growth after six weeks. The major advantage the Nature Zap has over chemical killers is the the ability to selectively kill the weeds we did not want and avoided the plants you want thrive. Never Pick Weeds Again - Just Zap 'em!

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