Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Attractive Winter Jacket For Your Plants

ShrubGuard Winter ProtectionBurlapping your plants has been a long standing tradion for many northern gardeners. For those who don't care to fiddle with these DIY mechanics might find the new Shrub Guard winter jacket, the perfect answer for winter shrub protection. Made from a non-woven material in a subtle sage green print, ShrubGuard protects buds and branches from drying winds, winter sun, hungry animals, road salt and frost. The sage green color and leaf print is quite subtle and attractive in the landscape. Shrub Guard is simple to use; opens at the side and has a drawstring at both the top and bottom so the top may be kept open to allow snow to fall through, which helps insulate and hydrate the plant. This also prevents snow from crushing the plant. ShrubGuard is also perfect to extend the season by providing protection from early and late frosts. It will also protect from a sudden drop in temperature, keeping the plant warm during a temporary cold spell by as much as 5 to 10 degrees

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