Friday, October 09, 2009

Bouy Bells - Offer The Sounds of The Bay

Wind Bells For many years Jim, like his neighbors, worked as a lobsterman. He spent countless hours on the water listening to pounding surf and the constant warning of bell buoys. After a time, it occurred to him that others might also enjoy the reassuring sound of bell buoys. He began recording the sounds of bell and gong buoys where he hauled lobster traps, and then eagerly sought other bells in the region. After hours of listening to these tapes and painstakingly working pieces of steel to match the tones, he produced his first set of bells. Wind Bells of Maine is the "original" company to design wind bells (chimes) that recreate the sounds of these famous Atlantic coast harbor bells. Also known as "buoy" bells, "harbor" bells or "lighthouse" bells. The actual buoy bells have a single, distinct, unique tone. The bouy wind catched comes standard as shown - however customer wind catchers are available upon request.

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