Monday, October 05, 2009

Water Retention For Coconut Fiber Planters

Keeping Hanging Planters Moist Many Yardiac’s tell us how much they love their coco-fiber hanging planters but hate how much water is wasted through the material. The coconut inability to hold excess water does prevent root rot and healthy flowers, however you will waste water. In order to prevent this problem we have been lining our hanging baskets with a thin plastic liner with holes punched through (a kitchen waste liner will do). This allows more water to be retained by the plants roots while still providing adequate draining. Recentely we discovered a better product called Soil Moist Mats. The easy to apply product is designed to reduce plant waterings by 50%. Soil Moist Mats absorb similar to a sponge and hold it in the plant container. Non-toxic crystals are woven into the degradable cloth material. As the soil begins to dry, the mat slowly releases stored water to the soil and the plant's roots over an extended period of time. They reduce plant waterings with less worry and save time and labor. The mats last for several seasons in the soil and are environmentally friendly. The easy to apply mat is ideal for containers, hanging baskets and potted plants for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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