Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hi Protein Bar - Helps Birds in Winter

Snow turns the garden into a winter wonderland, but it's not so kind to our feathered friends. We always urge gardeners to place extra bird food and water to help birds survive cold spells. Heavy snowfall can cover vital food sources like seeds, berries and grubs leaving birds struggling to feed themselves and keep warm. With proper bird food placement you can make a real difference in the survival rate. Birds require nutrition to maintain their relatively high body temperature. Without food for energy, they will die. They must consume 30 percent of their own body weight each day or find less food packed with energy (A.K.A. Protein). Dried mealworm products are excellent food sources for your wild birds. Providing Mealworms will keep them warm and able to survive the bitterly cold nights. This high quality, nutritional, natural food product is a special treat that birds love and our preservative-free and additive-free dried mealworms will help keep your birds healthy as well. Mealworms ensure an excellent, high quality nutritional and dietetic food source for your birds.

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