Sunday, January 17, 2010

Growing Pre-Fab Wire Form Topiaries

Growing topiary on a prefabricated wire form will help catapult you into action, saving you time by eliminating frustration. If you are a novice with topiary, you can more easily get involved with this rewarding hobby without the need to design forms, or bend wires. Experts can save time as well, by using these forms whenever they require a commonly available shape. Regardless of your skill level, there are myriad options available to you when you have a topiary frame. You could save time by placing the topiary form over top of a shrub or bush, and trimming the bush to the form. Similarly, you could train vines to grow over your form. Alternatively, you could grow many different types of plant into the moss substrate in an effort to create varying colors textures mirroring those found in the actual creatures. In fact, you can use your topiary frame even in winter without any plants at all. Indoors, topiary frames can be used as part of a table setting - add pinecones, a wreath, and some ribbon - voila, instant decoration. You could also use the frame as a container for a gift basket: Those who participate in this historic gardening tradition often begin with a desire to challenge themselves seeking the exclusivity associated with topiary. Ultimately, they are rewarded with the satisfaction that comes from engaging their creative faculties and expressing their individuality.

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