Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Winterize Your Engines!

WinterizeYardiacs take enormous pride in their "small engine" equipment. After all, most could not do the job without them! Properly storing your equipment will ensure it will be in good condition when you need to use them again next spring. Remove any plant material, or dirt, on the equipment with a scraper or a pressure washer. If you use a pressure washer to clean the equipment, avoid spraying engines with water. Dry the equipment thoroughly and wipe down any bare metal parts with light machine oil. Sharpen Your MowerRemove and sharpen any blades and drain the motor oil. It's important to add a gasoline stabilizer to fuel tanks before putting equipment away. The stabilizer prevents the gas from forming gums and varnishes when stored for several months. These gums and varnishes will clog carburetor jets, foul spark plugs and can cause valve and piston rings to stick. Fill tanks with fresh gas and follow the directions on the bottle of stabilizer. Cover the equipment with plastic sheets or tarps, and store them in a dry place. If they need to be repaired, use this opportunity to take them to a repair shop now before the spring rush. Don't miss the Patio Furniture Covers section. Yardiac's got you covered!

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