Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Select & Install a Rain Barrel

How many times have you watched a river of rainwater run down the driveway, and into the storm sewer, or even worse into your basement? The time has come for us to find solutions for rising water costs, stressed water systems, and dwindling resources. The answer is a Rain Barrell - Our Motto - Rain Water-Catch It-Use It! Prior to purchasing make sure your rain barrel is made of quality, food-grade material that is meant to hold water. Other types of water containers cannot be counted on to withstand the water pressure. Now when installing make sure it is set up on leveled surface (or blocks), so as to provide a safe spot for draining underneath, and a sturdy base to prevent tipping over. Always keep your rain barrels covered to prevent children or pets from falling in, and to keep mosquitoes and larvae from reproducing. Cover the downspout and drainage spots with netting or wire mesh to prevent mosquitoes and debris from getting in your water. Arrange your freeze proof rain barrel so that the overflow valve is facing away from your home's foundation.

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