Monday, April 06, 2009

Give Your Compost Pile a Jump Start

There are several ways to activate a new compost pile. Some of the most effective products contain billions of beneficial microorganisms to aid in the breakdown of organic material. These bacteria are kept in a dormant state, usually in a kelp or bran medium, until applied to the compost pile and watered. Using a bio-activator product is the surest way to get your compost pile off to a quick start. Turns grass clippings, leaves and waste into healthy soil-enriching humus. University-tested BioActivator contains billions of hard-working beneficial organisms to break down and recycle the toughest organic waste quickly. Just sprinkle onto compost raw materials and follow label directions. Highly Active Micro-Organisms A specially formulated blend of highly active micro-organisms, nutrients, and special enzyme systems that will synergistically accelerate the natural compost degradation cycle. One pound can usually treat up to one ton of compost. So just a sprinkle into your composter should get you started. Good Luck Yardiac's! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime Visit our Garden Center !

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