Friday, April 03, 2009

Is Rubber Mulch Safe & Enviromentally Sound

Is Rubber Mulch safe for my children? Yes. Our Rubber Mulch is 99.9% steel free, and completely non toxic. The colorant used meets all the criteria required for use on children's toys and furniture. Furthermore, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission tested Rubber Mulch, and proved that it is an exceptionally shock-absorbing product. This is very important as there are more than 550,000 playground injuries in the emergency room each year!
Is Rubber Mulch is safe for the Environment? Yes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that rubber added to the soil is non toxic and safe for the environment. Current test show that leachate from tire samples were 1-3 times less than those proposed for primary drinking water standards. On the contrary, our Rubber Mulch is a recycled product, helping eliminate hazardous tire disposal sites.
Will Rubber Mulch harm my plants?
No. Actually your plants may be doing even better than before. Water and fertilizers pass through easily and Rubber Mulch provides a coating to help retain moisture in the ground. It also acts as a natural insulator to protect your plants in extreme weather conditions.
How long will Rubber Mulch last? The rubber is colored with a unique paint which makes it very difficult to fade or rub off. It is also UV protected; rest assured that the color will last for a very long time.
Is Rubber Mulch more expensive than traditional mulch?
No. Initially it may seem that Rubber Mulch is more expensive than the organic versions, however, organic mulch must be replaced as often as every six weeks causing it to be more costly in the long run.
Rubber Mulch is very versatile!
You can use it in commercial or residential landscaping, municipal or backyard playgrounds, golf courses, flower beds and gardens, walkways, paths, or even around pools, ponds, trees, and shrubs.

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