Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Growing African Violets

African Violets, or Saintpaulia, are among the most popular houseplants. They are found in a broad range of flower colors and leaf varieties. African Violets are extremely easy to care for: They grow best under fluorescent lights, or in the diffused light of a north, or east-facing, window. When they refuse to bloom it is usually because of insufficient light. When they receive too much light, their leaves turn yellow. African Violets enjoy temperatures around 70 F during the day, and in the 60s at night. They do best where they have ample humidity, at least 60%. They can be watered from below, or above. Use room temperature water, because cold water will spot the foliage. African Violets are quick and easy to propagate as well. This is a fun way to share a new variety with a friend. These plants require rich potting soil, and specific African Violet fertilizer.

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