Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Plant Your Holland Bulbs

Select large, firm bulbs. Small nicks and loose skins will not affect the bulbs' growth or flowers.
Store the bulbs in a cool (under 65 degrees), dry place until you are ready to plant. Put bulbs into the ground when the soil temperature falls below 60 degrees (late September to early November).
Good soil drainage is crucial! To assure good drainage, dig out the planting area to a depth of 10". If your soil is heavy with clay, mix in a composted manure up to 50% in volume.
Return a 2" layer of conditioned soil to the bottom of the planting area. Mix in either Bone Meal or Bulb food into the conditioned soil following directions on the package.
Position tulips, daffodils and other large bulbs 8" deep from the bulb base to ground level. Space the bulbs 4-6" apart. Smaller bulbs, such as crocuses, can be planted 5" deep, spaced 2-3" apart.
Cover the bulbs with half the dug out soil. Water the area thoroughly. Fill the planting area with the remaining soil and water the area again.
Cover the planted area with a 2-3" layer of shredded hardwood mulch.
After the flowers have bloomed, and the petals have faded, cut off the flower heads with scissors.
Allow the leaves and stems to die down naturally. During this period they are manufacturing food to produce new flowers for the following Spring.

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