Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Safe Lawn Care Products

Have you ever considered the effects of your lawn care products on your pets?  According to a recent EPA study, dog owners who use herbicide containing 2,4,-D four times a season double their dog's chances of developing lymphoma. 

safe earth

There is a very simple solution to this.  Look for natural solutions to your lawn care problems.  There is a natural product for almost anything.  The major difference is this:  The natural products may take a little longer to be effective.  You may have to reapply more often.  Challenge yourself to break away from the supercharged chemicals and instant gratification.  It is well worth it. 

If lawn chemicals are known to have negative effects on your pets, what long term threat could they pose to your children, or yourself.  Families are spending more time than ever in their back yard.  Safety is definitely  a priority. offers a wide selection of Organic Products, as do others.  Take the time to do a little research.  Learn about what is available, and how it works.

Here are just a few starter suggestions:

Hot Pepper Wax for insect control on vegetables and ornamentals

Burn Out for use in weed removal

All Natural Liquid Plant Food  for safe and effective fertilizing

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