Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lawn Sweepers

Today, you will find many choices, in lawn sweepers, many of which are very similar.  It can be hard to tell the difference.  It helps to know a little about a company, before buying their product.

One lawn sweeper manufacturer stands high above the rest, and that is Agri-Fab.

This is the story of Agri-Fab, Inc., a thriving company located in a small town in mid-America. A company that exists today solely because a few people had the faith to believe a miracle could happen.

It all began in 1936 with the creation of Community Industries and the goal to provide a community with steady employment during the Great Depression. In 1975, when an absentee employer closed the doors Lawn Sweeper, Agri-Fabof a lawn and garden business that had been an institution in Sullivan, Illinois, many individuals pooled their resources to build a new company. In doing so, they continued not only a community tradition, but also a family one.

The success of the manufacturing business launched in 1975 exceeded the founders’ wildest expectations. The story began with the idea of developing a new and improved lawn sweeper. Soon, Agri-Fab went on to redesign and manufacture a product that outperformed any lawn sweeper on the market. The result attracted the attention of a major retailer and, ultimately, catapulted Agri-Fab into the position of an industry leader of lawn and garden attachments. 

In case you wonder why you should use a lawn sweeper, it is to give your lawn the cleanest, neatest mow possible.  If you want a pristine cut, sweep first.  Just like you would sweep the floor, before you mop.  When shopping for a sweeper, consider the following features:  path clearance, capacity, storage, wheels, extras, & warranty.  Lawn sweepers quickly sweep up light litter, small twigs, grass, and leaves from your lawn, driveway and pathways.

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