Monday, August 25, 2008

Ecologically Sound Patio Furnishings

Finally, a company whose products you can feel good about using in and around your home!  Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry (OGA) is a "hands-on" non-proOGA-Rectangle Parquet Planter Boxfit corporation that restores Redwood forests in Northern California. OGA was founded to help change the state of the earth's forests via direct action. OGA believes that by truly restoring and then sustainability managing forest land on a significant scale a real difference can be made in reversing the accelerating global forest degradation, fragmentation and deforestation. With the help of many like-minded friends, the forest products industry can be changed by setting an exemplary example ecologically and economically.

Using "light-footprint" methods developed over many years, ecologically degraded forests are nurtured back into beautiful maturing Redwood forests in a couple of decades. The process works synergistically with nature by using organic inputs, native seeds, no chemicals, etc. With investor partners, OGA purchases degraded Redwood forests and helps restore these titans to grow into sacred treasures for future generations while providing a reasonable return on investment via tax breaks, asset appreciation and eventual sustainable harvesting. As the forest recovers, its ecological andOGA Pergolas economical productivity multiplies making restoration a good investment.

Old-Growth Again makes respectable outdoor furnishings.  You can make a positive impact just by using their fixtures in your home.  Every conversation their home products inspire is a positive influence on another person.  One person at a time, we can change the way we live and make our world a better place.

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