Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Simple Mosquito Control

Scientists still don’t fully understand the reasons mosquitoes are attracted to humans. Known attractants include carbon dioxide and other chemicals in our breath & body emissions, body heat, visual cues such as color, size and contrast, and movement. 

SkeeterVacMosquito control starts from the very basics such as reducing the number of water retaining containers on your property.  Don't forget about clogged gutters and trash cans, as well as low spots in the landscape and pools or water features. 

The next step in mosquito elimination is the use of something like the SkeeterVac.  Did you know that killing just one female mosquito at the start of mosquito season can prevent the birth of up to 25,000 more mosquitoes that season alone!  Getting a firm grip on the population from the start of the season can have a major impact on the amount of time you are able to enjoy your patio and outdoor area. 

SkeeterVac mosquito exterminators create a combination tricks to seduce the insects into thinking the trap is a host.  They are captured on the sticky trap or sucked into an enclosure from which they cannot escape.  The SkeeterVac starts working immediately, though it will take approximately six weeks to break the reproduction cycle.  The unit is designed to run 24/7 until  the temperatures are consistently below 50°F.  (Using the unit only part time will allow mosquitoes to repopulate.)  This will cost averagely less than $1 per day.  The SkeeterVac is odorless and almost silSkeeterVac2ent, keeping the tranquility of your outdoor living space.  In addition, there is no cord to trip over, or restrict placement.

Independent laboratory and field tests conducted by expert entomologists indicate SkeeterVac mosquito exterminators are effective at attracting, trapping and killing a variety of biting insects. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers agree their SkeeterVac has reduced their mosquito nuisance and allowed them to enjoy their backyard more than ever.

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