Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moving Iris & Day Lilies

 bulb plantingHere is a common question:  When do I move iris and daylilies?  This comes from a gardener in Augusta, GA.  It can be a real source of confusion, but put that behind you.  Now, fall, is the time for moving day lilies and bearded irises.  If you can keep them moist, you can begin transplanting in August.  Otherwise start moving them on the onset of cooler weather.  Halt planting 45 days before the first frost.  First frost typically occurs around November 15 in middle Georgia.  Stop planting in early October.  If you are elsewhere in the country, check your local dates.  They can also be moved in spring, but that can be a little tricky.  bulb planting2Day lilies are moved through the summer but require special attention.  Look for holes in bearded iris tubers when you move them.  This can be a sign of iris borer attack.  Discard all insect infested or diseased tubers.  When you are done, be sure to clean and sanitize your tools to prevent the spread of disease among your garden.

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