Monday, November 17, 2008

Choosing a Plaque

Plaques are a great way to improve your home's exterior, and are a wonderful gift for a friend or neighbor.  Whitehall Cast Aluminum Plaques from are the best choice by far because of their durability and timeless style. There are multiple sizes to choose from.  Styles range from simple to complex, and don't forget about wedding plaques!

Each plaque is hand made from rust-free recycled aluminum.  The design is first began from a drawing and then individually carved in wood. From there, customized sand molds are created and molten metal is hand poured into the mold. Once cooled, the casting is carefully cleaned, machine-finished and finally coated with specially formulated fade and chip resistant paint.emily3

Address Plaque Selection Guide
Petite plaques are ideal for smaller wall areas or door applications.  Most standard and estate plaques are available as wall mount or lawn mount. Lawn versions come with one or two 18" stakes, depending on the style.  Standard plaques look great anywhere space allows.  Estate plaques are perfect for the entrance to a larger home, office, or simply a long drive.  Since each personalization is different, we may select an alternate letter or number size to optimize the appearance of your plaque.emily2

In recap, here are the main points to consider in choosing your plaque:

Determining where your plaque is to be placed will greatly aid in selecting the appropriated plaque.

Most plaques are available with two options:
Wall Plaques -- mounted on the exterior or next to an entrance way
emily4Lawn Plaques - Staked in the Ground

Estate -- largest size available in both Lawn and Wall versions
Standard -- available in both Lawn and Wall versions (for most)
Petite -- limited availability in wall only

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