Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring - Gardeners Buck Econonimc Trends!

Happy Spring On this first day of Spring I wanted to report some good news from the Lawn and Garden world! Despite the turbulent economy, things are looking up for gardeners this spring.
Scotts Miracle-Gro has reported year-over-year growth for its most recent quarter. Specifically, in the global consumer segment, “…sales increased 14 percent. The improvement was largely driven by increased pre-season purchases by customers in the U.S. and higher prices." Jim Hagedorn, chairman and CEO of Scotts has a positive outlook for the lawn and garden sector in 2009 stating it is, “a category that has historically fared well in economic downturns."
The National Gardening Association’s (NGA) new survey, The Impact of Home and Community Gardening in America, shows that food gardening in the U.S. will increase in 2009. "Seven million more households plan to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, or berries in 2009 than in 2008 — a 19 percent increase in participation. This anticipated increase is nearly double the 10 percent growth in vegetable gardening from 2007 to 2008 and reflects the number of new food gardeners emerging this year." Read the complete report here.
Happy Spring Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media Group predicts an increased trend toward ‘grow it yourself’ or GIY, particularly among young homeowners. “Americans craving authenticity and fretting over rising prices in gasoline and food has reinvigorated the trend for GIY. It’s a resurgence of gardening for the greater good – for the earth and our wallets.” Read GMG's complete trend report here.
A tight economy encouraging people to stay close to home, concern about the environment, and a resurging interest in home-grown produce are driving the resiliency of the lawn and garden market this spring. Things are looking pretty green for the upcoming lawn and garden season. Enjoy - See What's New!

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Hey, Paul!

I totally dig the content on this blog! It's so rich - yet even I, who am a guy who loves a great yard, but doesn't have a green thumb, can appreciate and understand everything.

I called earlier today to see where we were on redesigning the Yardiac homepage and menu structure. If you have time, I'd love to come by your office, sit down for a minute, recap everything and see if it's something you're ready to do. If there is a good time for you this week or next, just let me know.

I hope this finds you well and ready for a great spring for Yardiac. Looking forward to talking with you!