Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natural Fertilizers vs Organic Fertilizers


There is a major difference between products labeled as "Natural Fertilizers" as opposed to truly "Organic" fertilizers. Natural Fertilizers are NOT the same as Organic. "Natural Fertilizers" are made from natural synthetics that include non-organic elements that are manufactured in order to increase the N-P-K. From a marketing standpoint, some manufacturers strive to make their N-P-K numbers look bigger than their competitors' numbers. This is often confusing to consumers trying to compare both products sitting side by side on the shelf in the garden center.

Organic Plant food

Another thing to be mindful of is price. At first glance most organic fertilizers appear to be more expensive than natural fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Upon further inspection you will discover that a little bit of organic product goes a long way!Organic Fertilizers feed slower and last longer so you will require fewer applications and build a stronger foundation.

Furthermore organics deliver an even-balanced and nutritional feed while replacing the organic micro organisms instantly back into the soil. Natural/Chemical fertilizers only feed for 10 to 14 days on average, while sterilizing and robbing the soil of all the natural trace elements and micro organisms. Click Here to view the Organic Fertilizers recommended by Yardiac.

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